Massage Gun 5000rpm

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The 5000rpm massage gun is a high-quality massage gun and it is a great investment in your soft tissue health. This will improve your athletic performance and will induce deep tissue massaging, getting rid of muscle knots and preventing soreness. The LDC screen, impressive battery life, and 20 adjustable gear settings make this product stand out from the competition.


◼️ Competitively priced massage gun in different colors

◼️ High-frequency percussion massage

◼️ High-quality material

◼️ 20 different speeds

◼️ Long battery life

◼️ Quiet and includes ventilation system

◼️ Speeds up recovery

◼️ Warms up muscles

◼️ Increases range-of-motion 

◼️ Reduces tension, muscles soreness, muscle stiffness & lactic acid build-up

◼️ Light weight, portable, easy-to-use, ergonomically designed

◼️ Versatile design for all muscle groups 

◼️ Shipping time of 5-20 Business days 

Package included: 

✅  Massage Gun

✅  4 Replaceable Ergonomic Massage Heads

✅  Storage briefcase

✅  Charger

✅  User Manual

Size: 24x21x54mm

Gear position: 1-20 gears 
Charging voltage: 110-240V
Battery: 24V lithium battery, 2400mAh
Use time: 6-8 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Display: LCD digital display

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