About Us

I founded Tension Reliefs after my own positive experience with the massage gun at a local physiotherapist.

I am an athlete since the age of 10 and have always struggled with muscle stiffness from intense exercising and I have spent a lot of money on regular massage therapy. During my first encounter with the massage gun, I immediately noticed significant effects on my muscles and I was amazed by how great it felt! Shortly after, I purchased my own massage gun and I have used it before and after my workouts ever since. I have been using it for a year and have noticed significant results in my recovery and flexibility.

The main advantage for me was that it the massage gun is easy to use and instead of conventional myofascial release instruments it can be used while doing other tasks, even while watching tv. 

My mission is to provide the massage gun to the athletic community as I strongly believe it is a great addition to any athlete's performance. Massage guns have many benefits and will give you an edge to your workouts. I believe that more people who are struggling with muscle tension and soreness or simply want a better recovery should consider purchasing this product. Even if you are not an athlete, it is a good product to have because it feels great and can prodive an on-the-go massage everywhere. 

-Simon from Tension Reliefs